Let's take a closer look at the iPhone 13 Pro telephoto lens, which has a 3x zoom, including a comparison between the main camera and the telephoto across a number of images. Some bonus Macro shots too!

These photos were taken in Primrose Hill today, there was some lovely weather, though it was a bit breezy. Photos are unedited, though the file sizes have been reduced.

Starting with the main wide camera, 26 mm:

Now let's zoom in with the 3x telephoto lens on the iPhone 13 Pro, 77 mm:

Two more images to show the reach of the zoom, first with the main wide lens:

Now with the telephoto lens:

Two more Primrose Hill landscapes shots, first with the main lens:

Now with the telephoto:

My early impression of the telephoto lens is good, it's useful to have that third lens you get with the iPhone 13 Pro, it brings with it many creative opportunities, which I look forward to trying out more.

Bonus Macro

A couple of Macro shots to finish with, a leaf and a berry, for my first experience with Macro check this earlier post:

This berry is about the size of a fingertip:

That's it for now, I think the next thing I'll try out is Photographic Styles, which is new on iPhone 13 range.