One of the more interesting aspects of the iPhone 13 Pro is Macro Photography. You just get really close to the subject and the Camera App switches into the ultra-wide lens and then you frame your photo, shoot, bingo you have a Macro photo.

You don't have control in the Camera App to switch into Macro mode, it automatically changes when you get close enough to the subject, you can even see the Camera App change mode, as it reframes for a Macro shot for a moment using the ultra-wide lens, depending on how close you are to the subject and if you move slightly away and then get closer again, you'll see the app switching lenses several times between the wide and ultra-wide lens, which can look a bit awkward.

What you might want is a way to manually switch into Macro mode, rather than the Camera App doing this for you, so you know exactly which mode you are shooting in, some of the reviews also pointed this out. Apple has responded saying in a future update there will be a way to control Macro mode, I assume with an option to turn it on or off, which I think will be a useful addition.

I went to Holland Park to try out my new phone, one of the nicest places in London, with lots of variety for different shots, with flowers, a waterfall, a Koi pond, Peacocks, wooded areas and more besides. While I have only just started with the new phone, I did get some Macro shots, even with a light wind, which made it a bit more awkward as the flowers swayed a bit, I enjoyed this feature a lot.

The featured image at the top of the post is a Macro shot, to give it context, the none Macro shot of the same flower is below, with the wide lens. I haven't edited these photos, but just cropping them and changing the file size. I think the Macro shot is pretty good, it's fascinating to try out something new like this, for someone like me that never invested in one of those clip-on Macro lenses you can get.

One more example, you really do have to get close, I was looking out not to touch the actual flower with the lens, but that's half the fun.

It will be great to try Macro with different things, as I get more familiar with the iPhone.