I picked my iPhone 13 Pro from the Apple Store this morning, it was easy enough, join the queue, show the reservation QR code, then my photo ID, then they grab the new phone, even offering a bag, which was nice and that's it. It must have been no more than thirty minutes from joining the queue and then me leaving the store with the new phone.  I did walk there and back, so that has added a bit of time to the day.

I didn't get any accessories, a case, screen protector, charger, none of it, we'll see how that works out, I may opt for AppleCare though, which can be done up to 60 days from purchase.  I haven't used a case with my iPhone 11, nor a screen protector, which mostly worked out, I don't fancy spending more money on extras if I can help it, I do like the look of the 23W IKEA Åskstorm charger that I may get, looks like a bargain for £9.

I am transferring my old phone to the new one now using the Quick Start process, this seems to be the preferred way, rather than iCloud or local backup/restore. It said it was going to take thirty minutes, which is about the same amount of time it took me to take photos of the unboxing and it's almost there, you just hold the two iPhones close together and it starts the process, very easy.

I said in the previous post I wasn't that interested in the iPhone 12 except ProRAW, partly because I felt features like 5G or MagSafe weren't worth it, for me anyway, though they may prove useful, as defining advancements I'd rather have something more interesting, even Cinematic Mode, which could be argued as more of a gimmick, looks like it will be fun to try out. 5G and MagSafe are nice extras but that wasn't a reason to get a new phone.

The Quick Start transfer has been completed, it's downloading apps now on the new device, which didn't take long, fast internet speeds help.  Email passwords didn't transfer, Microsoft Authenticator was empty, which is fine, and my bank, I had to log in to again, everything else so far seems intact, photos, health data, Gmail, Google Fit, home screen widgets, iCloud Plus settings, Safari Extensions, Content Blockers, Instagram logged me right in, the lot! The last step was to swap the SIM, then I checked WhatsApp was working after verifying it, that's job done! Now I can then go out and give the cameras a try.