My name is Cian and this is an About page! This site is primarily about iPhone Photography, peppered with some reviews, news and examples of my work.

I started this blog just before the iPhone 13 was released, I went with the iPhone 13 Pro in the end, Cinematic mode, Photographic Styles and ProRes support were just too good to pass on. I kid, coming from an iPhone 11, Macro mode and a telephoto camera were really appealing.

I did, kind of, make a deal with myself, if I was going to spend all that money, I wanted to have an outlet for this journey of all the creative possibilities a new phone would offer. I have been using an iPhone as my main camera for around a decade, so a new iPhone was a real treat.

This site runs on something called Ghost and one of its features is you can subscribe to my blog and become a member of myphotoyear. This means when I write new posts, they will be sent to your Inbox and it gives me more motivation knowing I have some people already interested in this topic. I may play around with newsletters, exclusive content for members or other stuff if I get around to it.

The iPhone 14 release is just around the corner, which I hope to cover in great depth, so it's a great time to join the site!