The Macro feature is one of the most interesting options in the new iPhone 13 Pro, certainly, after a few days I am still trying it out in different ways even before some of the other new features which I still haven't got to yet.

It's simple, you just get really close to the subject, as close as 2 cm (0.79-inches) and the iPhone switches into a Macro mode automatically. Focusing won't always be perfect, so experimentation is key, take multiple shots, different angles, it's a lot of fun.  

When you look back at your photos, it's easy to know a photo was taken as a Macro, as in the Camera Roll, if you tap the info button, you will see the photo was taken with the Ultra-Wide camera, even though you didn't choose to use the 0.5 lens.

While not all of the shots may work, outdoors where it can be windy and the subject is moving around, doesn't help, it is still very good when you get something that is usable.    

It gives you a different perspective, which I find fascinating.  I haven't even tried Macro video yet which is also available. Here is a guide, if you are looking for more details - iPhone 13 Pro: How to take macro photos and videos.

Even if you don't have a new iPhone you can still try Macro photography with your iPhone with cases and lenses, but they are not cheap, for example from Moment who have a Macro 10x lens that works with Apple, Google, Samsung and OnePlus devices including iPhone 6/6S onwards costs $129.99, plus the cost of a case to that as well.

Having the feature built-in to the iPhone 13 Pro is very convenient and you are more likely to use the feature, without having to clip on a special lens all the time. I'd say if you like what you have seen with any of these Macro shots, it is certainly worth considering the iPhone 13 Pro versus the regular model, as one of the extra features you get. You can see other Macro shots in these posts:

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It will be interesting if I am still using Macro in a few months time rather than just the initial buzz of a new feature. Check back soon for new posts, thanks for reading.