I ordered an iPhone 13 Pro, which I'll pick up soon, the idea of this post and if I turn it into a series, is to share my experience.

This was an impulsive purchase, does it make sense to get a new phone now, possibly not but after passing on the iPhone 12 range, with ProRAW being such an allure that came with the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, which I had wanted to try out since the beginning, a telephoto lens that I have missed since my iPhone 7 Plus days and an ultra-wide lens with macro superpowers was all too much to resist. Order duly placed for an iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB model!

The iPhone 12 Pro despite having an advanced camera system, just didn't make sense, you'd had to get the iPhone 12 Pro Max to get the best camera option and I had no interest in an extra-large phone.

The iPhone 13 Pro has the same camera system as the bigger Max option, and it started fifty pounds less, which helps a bit. ProRAW is still exclusive to the Pro range, so that was a factor, a new 3x telephoto should be a great option to getting closer to subjects and an ultra-wide lens that should be better, as it wasn't very usable on iPhone 11, plus the macro option is like an extra lens. That's quite a package not to mention a more advanced screen, improved performance and everything else new to the iPhone 13.

So of I go now to pick up the phone at the Apple store, let's do this!